✨♍🦋🎉💣💯 Online Services Available! ♍🦋♍ Are there any Real Daddies out there happy to take care of a dedicated Good Girl for Daddy's passions 💯💣🦋🎉😈💋❗❌🛑 ON HIATUS! 🛑❗❌

Last Updated: Before 30 days ago

Before 30 days ago

NameMara Fae Buchanan
Phone ☎️ (812) 436-1969

On Hiatus, until further notice. If\when I return to providing services oh, it
will be under extremely exclusive guidelines. I will no longer cater to the
picture fishers, time-wasters, abusers, or the entitled. It seems rather
asinine to get treated like I'm obligated to waste my time on these people just
because they seem to think all I do is text until it's time to satisfy
someone's itch. Used any of the weapons listed below in my social media Arsenal
to hit me up, and asked me about monthly membership requirements. If you want
my attention, want my devotion and dedication... Want me to want to message you
back whenever you hit me up... To not only feel obligated, but actually be
happy to take care of you... Then I have to be taken care of too! Tit for Tat,
this for that. Ass, grass, or cash, Nobody Rides For Free. No one likes to work
for free either. And the emotional labor that I am, and have been, expected to
Dole out to any Tom Dick and Harry that hit me up.. Has been exhausting. Show
me there are still real Daddies out there that would be more than happy to take
care of a good girl. Hope to hear from you soon! Let's get devilish and make
some magic!
💋 OnlyFans.com/mara.fae
🌙 Pornhub: Mara Fae Buchanan
🎉 Snapchat: SakredWinter
💣 IG: MagicalMaraFae
🦋 Twitter: @mara_fae
🐘 Switter: @MaraFae@switter.at
🖌 Picsart: @marafae1987
💲 Amazon Wishlist:

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